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Manny Trembley

Manny Trembley is a two-time Eisner Award nominated author, illustrator, father of two boys, Jasper and Jared, and husband.  He is a video game designer and spends his free time making graphic novels.

He has created five successful Kickstarters. The first was Martin Monsterman and the second was called RGB.  His most recent was called Victoria Jr. presents Little Promethues. Before he took to self publishing, he co-produced two original graphic novels published by Image comics: PX! Book One- A Girl and Her Panda, PX! Book Two- In the Service of the Queen.  As well, he created and co-produced 6 issues of a comic series also published at Image Comics calledSam Noir: Samurai Detective (3 Issues) and Sam Noir: Ronin Holiday (3 Issues).